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Welcome to the Republic of Cascadia!

Contrary to popular belief Cascadia has been a new nation since July 1st 2014 under president Adam Alexander Brisbine. The former government continues to operate and the media protects American perception however the Cascadian movement has roots that go back decades unaffiliated with current events renouned for it's drive to protect the environment of the planet. Brisbine explains in his book Cascadia beyond the Bioregion the Noocracy... The US hasn't understood or upheld our unalienable right to life since Thomas Jefferson wrote the declaration of independence. It means regardless what the majority thinks a Noocracy voulunteers to step forward to protect public saftey and to uphold basic rights. It is something that if America understood, execution and lethal force by police would be banned because basic rights are integral to the foundaiton of government. It can only go from a Noocracy to a Republic when the people have been educated to understand that government should never have the authority to end a life. As Cascadians in our independence we desire solidarity with America in the World ARMY rather than another civil war. The game is up. No more playing god on the World stage. We will have our independence from American foreign policy and our own new reputation. We will protect our land and our people in the west even if it requires our own space agency.